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(Archived) Help with search grammar


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From my understanding, Evernote searching grammar does not allow operators llike "and", "or ", ()


Below is my problem:


In my database, I have a notebook stack "NEW", and I give the tag "NEW" to all the notes in the stack "NEW". Following are search results:




stack:NEW any: intitle:apple intitle:banana       =>    ~20 hits 




tag:NEW any: intitle:apple intitle:banana       =>    0 hit



How can I modify Case.2 to yield the same hits as that in Case.1?




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This is a bit of a shot in the dark, but I think it's correct; try putting the tag *after* the "any: modifier. Rather than:


tag:NEW any: intitle:apple intitle:banana



any: tag:NEW intitle:apple intitle:banana


The grammar requires scope modifiers like notebook: and stack: to go before anything else, but everything else should go after an any: modifier. The way you hav it causes Evernote to misinterpret the search; to see what Evernote thinks it's searching for, use the Search Explanation pane  (View / Show Search Explanation, or Ctrl+F10).


The full grammar is here: http://dev.evernote.com/documentation/cloud/chapters/search_grammar.php

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If you're searching from your desktop client,  have a look at BitQwik - there are posts in the forum about it - it's a (free) natural language processor that puts together more complex elements of the Evernote search grammar.

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