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(Archived) Attachment not attached bug


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I click the attachment paperclip and browse, select a file (a spreadsheet in this case, 14KB, xls) and attach.


In the middle column, using the snippet view, I see an icon for the attached file.  But unlike other notes with attachments, there's no box for the attached file in the note pane, no way that I can see to open that file.  I haven't looked on my other computers yet, just wanted to open it and see if I got what I had just saved.


evernote version  (ps, would really be handy if the version number was also in the text box of the about, so I could copy and paste)






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Does the note size show the attached spreadsheet too?  For whatever reason if the attachment didn't work properly I'd just do it again.  You can drag and drop into a note,  or use an import folder as an alternative.


What version of Windows are you running?  I have W7 and Vista,  and don't have problems with attachments..

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