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(Archived) Camera with Evernote Moleskine

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I am really focussed on productivity and quite a techo to do this. But I still love writing and have used moleskines for years. So as you can imagine, I loved the idea of the Evernote app with Moleskine and have been using it since it was released. I am very happy with it but my big gripe is why the camera area is not the same proportion as the moleskine page - when getting ready to take the image, you either crop a lot from the top and bottom if you use the sides as borders or you get a lot of extra '*****' on the sides if you use the top as borders. I do know you have to have the page within the image but cannot work out why the camera proportions are different to the page proportions. I often take pages of notes in meetings and then copy all pages into the one note - looks very messy.


what am i missing?



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