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(Archived) Windows 8 Evernote Touch uninstall


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I installed the windows 8 app "Evernote Touch" on my Surface Pro and let it sync.  I also installed the windows 8 Evernote desktop app on the same Surface Pro.  I decided I liked the desktop app more and uninstalled the Evernote Touch app.  When I did this, my used space did not decrease.  I expected it would decrease because of the deleting of the Evernote Touch database.


Am I thinking incorrectly?  How do I find out of the Evernote Touch left my large Evernote database on my Surface machine?



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If you have uploaded data to Evernote's servers,  that's your usage score.  Deleting the database from one local installation or the other won't change that.  Check online (via the web client) to see what data you have saved - any new installation will download the stored data and complete future syncs with that database.

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