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Automatic Launch on Mac



I like to keep my start up very clean so after originally having Skitch launch on start up I decided to turn this off.  Skitch apparently has decided it likes launching on start up.  I have uncheck launch on start up in Skitch's preferences and checked to make sure it is not in log in items in System Preferences, and yet every time I book up there is Skitch.  I have solved the problem for now by uninstalling, which seems to work, but interfere's with the program's utility.  Anyone have a less drastic solution or place to look for solutions?

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@Daveinmain - What version of Skitch for Mac are you running? 


And are you talking specifically about the main app or the Helper in the status bar? The main app should not start automatically, since Skitch does not have an auto-start option for the main app. The Skitch Helper should only start depending upon your settings in preferences.


If you reinstall and give Skitch another shot, yet observe the same behavior please send me a private message with the contents of your Activity Log (Help->Activity Log).

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OK.  Now you have me wondering if it is Mountain Lion's "feature" relaunching windows that were open on boot, though I would have said I was 99% sure the last two times I rebooted I had not had Skitch running when I shut down.  I will try again though

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