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(Archived) Lost my notes taken offline

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I was at a very important and expensive conference for past few days in Vegas.

Of course, the notes were taken offline and when I got to the airport, my iPad got online.  

EN asked me to login and had to reset the password and my notes were gone.

I've tried relogging in with user name and email address and couldn't figure out how to retrieve it.

Came home and researched online and found out that I am not the only one who has the same issue.

 I am supposed to present this to my boss and staff in few days... and I feel miserable. 

Please someone help me out of this situation!!  

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Yes I did requested for support but didn't hear anything yet. I wonder why this serious problem, which happened to many people, wasn't addressed or announced to users.

Actually, it isn't so clear to me that people are losing data (so few people follow up on the forums to tell us how their cases end). It may be, for example, that you have accidentally created two accounts. For something like this, if it were me, I would definitely be backing up my device with iTunes (I don't know if this would help, to be honest, but it can't hurt!) and waiting to see what support has to say. Here is one thread you might find helpful.


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I just had a very similar problem.

I created a notebook and a note offline. Entered two hours worth of notes.

My iPad mini got a wifi connection, I logged into Evernote and *POOF* the new notebook and new note are both gone. Everything else is there.

Terrible situation with Evernote - I have no confidence in the product offline now, which makes it pretty much worthless.

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Same here and this has happened at least four times before earlier this year. I have too lost very important information because of this. I will go for Premium now to see if there is a difference. But but if this happens even once more I will change immediately to another solution.


This hat happens:

- I write my notes off-line. Save my notes. Some error happens and when I go to the note again, it is an older version that I have saved in middle of meeting. 

- This has also happened when I edit on-line. But result is same, the final / latest updates to the note are not saved and Evernote brings back an older version. 

I'm using Android version on Asus TF700 with Asus's JellyBean 4.2.1


Is there some files in Android folders that could contain the lost information / backup versions of notes?

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I have had exactly the same thing happen today! 4 hours of notes!

Am devastated. Will use a plain notes app from now on.

Sorry to hear about that. I hope you will contact support and see if the notes can be retrieved (see the link in my signature).

One thing I do when taking important notes is to manually generate versions as well as regularly copy/paste into other apps (just in case). Here is what I mean by versions.


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