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(Archived) After upgrade, Evernote login window won't populate



I am on an iMac running OSX 10.6.8 and Evernote 5.0.6


After upgrading to the most recent Evernote I have not been able to login due to the initial login window form not populating. I have tried to select Account Info... or Add Another Account, but both options simply move the unpopulated window back to its default location on the screen. 

I uninstalled the app, deleted it from the trash, rebooted, then installed again from a fresh install and the same problem occurs. I've also done the above and used AppZapper to completely remove all files, and the same problem persists. 

I have included an image of the window and the activity log just after opening Evernote.


I also started a support ticket, but figured I'd post in here as well just in case.



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Would you mind sending me your console logs in a Private Message? 


Open the "console" application, search for "Evernote", cmd-a (to select all), cmd-c (to copy), and paste into the message to me. Thanks!

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Helvetica Neue is in my font library and I haven't noticed any other issues with applications that use the typeface. Could there be another issue? I'd include an image, but it doesn't seem like I can upload additional ones after the initial post. 

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