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Ive just installed evernote on a netbook running W7;  the tab says "evernote web" and shows the menu bar and toolbar for my browser, but there's no toolbar for Evernote - it has a green bar with links for Upgrade, Gift, and for my personal data (account, settings),  At the bottom there are view options but the only choices are list and settings plus sort method.  I can't get this to zoom    There are no menu options for file, edit, etc.   This seriously limits what I can do with Evernote - just not acceptable.  


Why is this happening and what can I do about it?  

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Hi Dolores,


Although you may have installed the Evernote Windows client, it appears that you are currently still viewing the web version in your browser.  This is fine - the web version accesses your notes online, while the desktop version synchronises your notes onto your local machine (a valuable backup!) and provides additional functionality compared with browser-based access.  The notes will be the same.  To see whether you have actually installed the desktop app, try clicking on the Windows button at the bottom left of your screen, then look for an Evernote icon or type 'evernote' into the search box.  This should allow you to launch the desktop application where you can log in to your account and take advantage of the additional EN features available from the Windows app.


If it turns out your installation was not successful, try downloading again, then run the downloaded file.


Let us know if you still have problems and good luck!

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Thanks for the response.  


Nothing I can do will bring up the desktop version on the netbook.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times, with no luck.  All I get is a welcome screen and new registration, which does not accept my login.   I used to have that version (I think) when XP was installed, but recently upgraded to Windows 7.    When I started the compatability troubleshooter, it appears that Evernote assumes I am still running XP.     Right now, when I enter Evernote into the Windows search box and then click on the program icon, it isn't doing anything at all.  


Rebooted - now I get the welcome screen again.  

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If you're seeing the registration screen, you have seem to have successfully installed Evernote.  The only thing I can think of without seeing exactly what is going on is that when the splash screen comes up, you need to click on 'Already have an account' in order to enter your login details (see here).  Make sure you check the box, 'remember me' so you don't have to go through this every time!


Hopefully this will give you some success...

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But the welcome screen I get has no choices - all I can do is register as new user.  Screen shot attached.  Last time I copied a new installation file to my laptop, put it on dropbox and then installed on the netbook.  


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