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firefox (Archived) How to clip local XHTML page?

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Apologies if this should be obvious to me. Having recently discovered EN and purchasing an Android tablet, I have found EN a great tool for class notes and readings in my MBA classes.

Many documents are provided to students (such as a syllabus) as a Word .doc file. Web clipper does a fine job of grabbing web pages, so I exported as XHTML from Openoffice. It opened fine in Firefox and Web Clipper offered to save it as a note, but only will only URL, not the page.

Try as I might, I cannot get Web Clipper to save the actual page. Worse, it saves the URL of the local file on my desktop (e.g. file://home/marty/blah.html), making it inaccessible from my tablet. I tried a simple copy/paste but all tables and images get lost.

I could always convert to PDF but Android EN cannot render those, so they just show up as an attachment which makes browsing documents more cumbersome.

Is there a graceful way of tricking web clipper into copying actual XHTML?

Many thanks,


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