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(Archived) A way to clip a web page automatically every time it changes (approx. weekly)


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There is a website that posts a new article approx. every week. I'm trying to clip the page every time that it is updated with a new article.


Is there a way to automate the clipper, so that every new article is clipped automatically whenever it is posted?


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Hi - welcome to the forums.  There used to be web pages around that would notify you if a watched URL changed,  and if they still exist you might be able to integrate that with IFTTT or something similar to trigger a snapshot of the page*.  I don't know of any way to get Evernote to do the clipping directly though - you might have to use some other app to do that,  and dump the result in an Import Folder,  which will create your note.


I haven't had any need to set anything similar up,  but a bit of intensive searching around may give you the tools for the job - if you do manage to get something working,  please share the details back here!


As an option you might consider setting  up a function to snap a web page once every month,  or two months or so,  to give you a timeline of changes.


* Web pages are created with so many different technologies now that I'll be impressed if this is still possible..

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