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(Archived) Searching PDFs


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I loaded a 72 page PDF into Evernote. I did a search on a keyword that I knew was in the PDF. Evernote found it right away. It was on page 45. However, in order to find it in the PDF and read the paragraph where the keyword appeared, I had to go page-by-page, looking for the highlighted keyword.


Is there a way I could have gotten Evernote to "leap" to page 45 where the keyword first appeared? And then where it next appeared?  And then where it next appeared? etc.


Thanks for your help on this.

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Evernote can point you to which PDF contains your search word(s) but at the present time (AFAIK) it's up to you to search within that PDF to find all occurrences of the word or phrase.  If you have lots of multi-page PDFs and this is a problem,  you could consider converting individual multi-page PDFs into sets of single page PDFs which might be more easily identified...

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