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(Archived) Windows RT version deleted encrypted file!

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Installed the Evernote Touch app on my new Surface RT.


I have a CRITICAL encrypted file, but the app would not let me access it, nothing happens when I press the "symbol" to type in the password and unlock the file.


After the app crashed for the third time, the "encryption" symbol was gone!!!  As far as I can tell, so is all the data.  Before I could disconnect them, the "change" was synced to every device...Android, Web, PC.  It's not in TRASH, because it wasn't a deleted file, but a change.


Have tried to restore from a back-up (Windows and Android), but the Windows backup wasn't complete and didn't include the note data.  The Android backups also don't include the note data, as that is saved on the external SD card, therefore doesn't get backed up (seriously??).  Can't check the old tablet, as the idiotic engineers at ASUS named the Internal memory "SD Card", so most apps saved data to that and not the actual external SD card, and since that tablet's processor died a week after warranty expired, can't try that either.


I would attempt the premium account, but it has been 24 hours since the event occured.  Also, still waiting on Citibank to send me a valid card, since I had issues with a potential ID thief. (this has NOT been my week). 


So now what???  I can't believe that it was so easy for something like this to happen.  Partly my fault I guess for not being more thorough with backing up every single little file and folder, especially when you're supposedly "backing up" everything almost bi-weekly.  Who'd think that NO SINGLE BACK UP would have the actual note data????


Any hope????

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