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(Archived) Feature Request: Creating New Notes w/Attachments - Leave a space at top



In all Evernote Desktop Apps (MAC/Windows) when creating a new note with an attachment please default inserting the document one line down in the body.  90% of the time notes are added along with the attachment, however, the attachment is inserted at the top leaving no space for typing any notes.  In order to add text, you must scroll to the bottom of the note, place the cursor on the right hand edge, use the arrow keys to position the cursor to the left of the document, hit enter to drop the attachment one line then go to the top to type.


If you are adding a document after typing some type this is not an issue, however, if using a monitor scan folder for batch importing all documents are inserted in the first line of type-able text.  If a new note is created with a document, again it is inserted in the first line of text making it very difficult to add any text.

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This same issue exists when capturing web pages with either the EN Clipper, or EN Clearly.  There are many web pages that when clipped into Evernote, you are NOT able to ADD a normal, unformatted, line at the VERY TOP of the Note.


We have requested that this be fixed for several years now, but  it seems to fall on deaf ears.


I have done extensive programming in HTML, and I know for a fact that it would be very easy to simply add an HTML "<BR>" code at the very TOP of the Note when the web capture is done. This would work for attachments as well.


Of course, this should go without saying, but please make this same change to ALL EN clients.

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