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(Archived) Feature Request: Email Evernote with tags NOT previously defined

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I would really like the emails that I send to my Evernote account to be able to define NEW tags. I often find notes that I have emailed in that have #<tag name> in the title, since the tag name wasn't defined. 

I would highly recommend that this wouldn't be a separate command to define new tags. Often I don't remember exactly which tags are defined.

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Good suggestion - I know exactly what you mean about not remembering tags.  Hopefully the devs will look at the whole sending in by email thing - both notebooks and tags currently have to be pre-defined,  and the information has to go in the subject line so it will be seen by (and confuse) any recipients if you're CC or BCC -ing to the Evernote address.


I can see where there's a risk that defining tags or notebooks on the fly might start to fill up your account with additional tags and notebooks - even if you were trying to send an email to an existing setup.  It might be easier to handle the title errors than clean up extra indexing keys.


I've created a couple of email templates with pre-defined notebook and tag information for notes that use a standard setup - maybe you could use that as a workaround?

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