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(Archived) Editable CreationDate ?

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Please allow "Creation Date" to be edited, maybe constrained to be earlier than the first Date Modified (which should also be editable). For example right now I want to describe something I did a few days ago, yet there is no way to make the creation date reflect this. I am describing a computer setting-up so want consistency with dates of files and backup sets etc as much as reality for its own sake. Apart from that, the main reason for wanting it is so that these dates reflect reality rather than when the notes were entered by the user. I think that's what most people would want to search on: "when did it happen" not "when did I write about it". Life's too busy to write up everything immediately, and who wants to be a slave to that anyway. As a by-product, paranoid people could then know that such dates, because they are editable, could not be used against them. It could help your userbase growth as much as my wish to make use of your product.

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