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Bug: Printing and Copying text from Evernote gives too large Font Size


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I had this problem since the day I started using evernote years ago and looking at the forum this has been noted by the developers back in '11





Now the problem is obvious and real clear & simple: When I copy text from Evernote, it copies from font 10 tahoma to 13.5 tahoma in other software such as word. When I print a page or print it to a pdf the font size is also this 13.5 tahoma.

See the picture for clarification.


It prevents me from developing my system and it's really starting to get annoying now. Especially since after all this time there still is no fix.


Developers PLEASE fix this. I don't want to leave Evernote because of this stupid bug.


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You might try downloading the Clipboard Format Spy utility (http://delphidabbler-clipboard-format-spy.software.informer.com/), whiich can give you an idea of what Evernote is putting on the clipboard when you clip a selection from an Evernote note. You're probably going to want to look at the HTML format, as that's probably the format that Word is going to select when you paste into a Word document:

* Run Clipboard Format Spy

* Clip from Evernote

* In Clipboard Format Spy, right click on the HTML Format entry that you see, and select View as Text. This will show you the HTML that Evernote is generating for that selection. In there, you'll probably be looking for the "font-size:" specification


If you find a small sample that exhibits the problem, you may be able to give the developers something concrete to look at. And the way to get them to look at it is most likely via opening a support request; you can use the link in my signature for that.

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Excellent suggestion and thanks for teaching me something new. It automaticly copies to HTML Format for every notebook & note that I have.


So that's clearly the problem: It prints like it's in HTML format and also copies like it. I will open a support ticket and refer to this topic and hope they can find a solution.




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That is transfers note content around is not necessarily a problem, since its internal note storage format is essentially HTML at its heart, and many programs will accept HTML from the clipboard. The actual problem may be the use of "font-size:medium", which you show highlighted -- that may be interpreted differently by different programs.

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Okay I can forgive them for that. Sounds logical.

Still strange that it also uses that HTML formatting when I print files, which is obviously not as it should work. I want the font size 10 and formatting like in Evernote.


Perhaps they could make a copy button that makes the clipboard entry such that it is usable in other programs.


Thanks again, I'll report if I hear something from support.

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With respect to copy/paste, I think that the point of using HTML is that it's already usable by other programs, more than can handle, say, Rich Text Format, or MS Word, etc. That being said, I don't know why Evernote would be using "font-size:medium" rather than, say, "font-size:10". Could be a bug, or could be by design (in which case I don't know the philosophy behind it).

With respect to printing, I don't know how they do that, but since their internal note representation is already very close to HTML, why would they do it any other way?

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