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(Archived) List View degrades to horizontal split in Windows 8 (desktop)


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I'm running EN on both a Vista and Windows 8 laptop. I only use List View and as Snippet and Thumbnail views are useless for me.


On the Vista machine, EN gives a nice 3-part screen: Notebooks, Notes list, and an individual Note.


On the Windows 8 machine the Notes List is above the individual Note. As I recall, this is a downgrade to the way the Windows version used to be some time ago. The vertical split is far superior because more notes can be seen in the list, and the individual note is more readable. Now I've got a lot of unused space to the right, and can only see a few lines of the note. It's horrible.


Remarkably Snippet View and Thumbnail View work correctly. I've searched for a setting to change the split orientation, and even chatted with EN support, and apparently there's no way to change this. It's especially frustrating as my Windows 8 laptop has a beautiful 17.3" screen that I was looking forward to using with EN.


If this is a bug, the developers should fix it. Either that or give an option for the split orientation.

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I also have this problem on a Windows 7 machine. I can't use List View in a vertical arrangement (as per the Snippet view) even though I'm sure I used to be able to. Instead List view is only horizontal with the note list on top and the note view below. Highly inflexible.... hopefully this will be fixed soon!

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Your comment got me thinking that perhaps there's some setting in registry, but I couldn't find anything there.


I then searched the User\<myname>\AppData folder. While I didn't find anything specific for this, interestingly I found 3 previous versions of EN in Local\Evernote\Evernote\AutoUpdate folder. These are clearly the install files since they are over 50 MB in size. So if you want to go back to previous version, you can find some here.

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Two ways to get vertical list view in Windows using the UI:
* shortcut key is Ctrl+Shift+F5
* In the note view dropdown in the search dialog, if you hold the Shift Key wile clicking on List View, you can toggle between vertical and horizontal list view.
Also, the registry: in the key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Evernote\Evernote\, change the change the value of VerticalListView to 1


All courtesy of SPG scott

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Jeff, THANK YOU so much for sharing the fix to this. It seems to be undocumented, or at least not easily found.


As for the registry item, my search evidently wasn't very good. In looking at the this I see EN doesn't actually update the registry (or at least this item) until it is closed.


And now I've copied your solution into EN so I can find it again if needed.

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Thanks. Here's another useful page I found after getting your tip and doing a search for "Evernote F5": 74 useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Evernote http://www.shortcutworld.com/en/win/Evernote.html. I didn't test them all -- some didn't seem to work -- and Ctrl-Shift-F5 isn't listed.


It may be based on the Evernote list of shortcuts, which also doesn't list Ctrl-Shift-F5. What are the keyboard shortcuts in Evernote for Windows? https://support.evernote.com/ics/support/KBAnswer.asp?questionID=625


Perhaps the Evernote Help Documentation staff will see this thread and realized that they need to improve their system for keeping the help documentation in sync with the application. It really ought to be part of their pre-release checklist. And if they don't have such checklists or make use of them, that's another problem. In case they are watching -- and for your interest -- here's a checklist on making checklists http://www.projectcheck.org/checklist-for-checklists.html





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As for the registry item, my search evidently wasn't very good. In looking at the this I see EN doesn't actually update the registry (or at least this item) until it is closed.

Yes, Evernote doesn't save to the registry until it closes, and if you change a value while it is open, it will overwrite it back to what it was before.

In this case, the shortcut is immediate and performs the function of the registry change, so it not really necessary to change the entry.

As Jeff said, you will find that current documentation for EN is lacking in some areas, working/hidden shortcuts being one. But it is something that is being looked at right now, so it can only get better :)


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