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(Archived) Evernote for the Palm Pre

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Windows Mobile...nice but not always so user friendly.

iPhone...wonderful, but no built-in multitasking.

Palm Pre...now, that looks really exciting. But without Evernote, a Palm Pre is like like having a fancy car with a broken engine, as far as I'm concerned. Any hints that there will be Evernote software for the Palm Pre when this new smartphone hits the market?

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Tulsa40: You couldn't wait more than 2 days, could you? ;)

I mean, the Pre is not out there yet. Happy and hopeful as I am to see Palm back in the scene, things can still go wrong (nooo!). And I think Evernote (or any other non-gigantic software house) will take careful and conservative steps in the begining, until the dust settles. Implementing on a brand new platform is no simple endeavor.

Anyway, I must say:

Evernote: consider my +1 on the subject.

I am an exiliate from the Palm world into the Windows Mobile parallel universe. Not bad, I'm not bashing MS for this. And I love my HTC Excalibur. WM 6.1 is definitely a better WM. But should Palm do it right, I wanna be there, and my guess is EN will, too.

Once you get there, EN guys, and since you would be starting a new codebase, remember the most frequent requests for the other mobile platforms: OFFLINE EVERYTHING (read, write), tags, simple/fast/lightweight app for quick note taking, encryption/decryption... You know them well. Evernote could arrive early to the Pre party and become a killer app for the platform. Pre-envy, anyone?

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As a former Treo user (now in the Windows Mobile camp), I can't wait for the Pre. But I can't see using any smartphone that doesn't have Evernote software. (Note to self: Make sure I don't order the Pre without there being Evernote software, or I'll be sorry.)

Finally, though: The Smartphone Revolution has begun -- great new phones and great phone software are here, with more to come.

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I just wanted to resurrect this thread, since rumor has it that the Pre might be released as soon as May 17. Given how easy it seems to be to write applications for the Pre, I'm really hoping that you wizards at Evernote can whip one out over a weekend or two... :-)

But seriously, I'm hoping that there will be an Evernote app soon after the Pre's release, even if it doesn't provide mobile editing. Just uploading notes and pics, and reading/search notes online, is enough for me.

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