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(Archived) Reinstall Evernote after formatting the computer

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I use Evernote for several years on my computer with Windows 7.
My database is formed by some notebooks synchronized and others that are not synchronized.
Now I need to reformat the computer. After the formatting i would reinstall Evernote and its database without losing any information.
How can I do?


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One thing that you can do is just copy the .exb file to a safe location, and then when you format and have Evernote reinstalled, you can swap it into the new location.


Aside from that, you could you can export each of your local (unsynced) notebooks, one notebook at a time, to Evernote format: right-click on a notebook, select "Export as file in ENEX format (.enex)". You should check the options to make sure that Tags are exported as well.


Once you have exported all of your local notebooks, and backed everything up, including the .exb file (for safety), you can reformat, and reinstall Evernote. Evernote will sync down non-local notebooks, and then you can import in the .enex files that you created previously.

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