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(Archived) Pasting as text in evernote

Mike M.

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how do you do a simple paste as text in evernote, without having to reformat it afterwards? 


Alot of what I cut and paste into a note already has some formatting to it, from a document, webpage, email, something.  When I paste it, it carries over the formatting, so I have to constantly remember to re-format it.  Is there a keystroke that just does a text paste?


I don't want to turn it off application wide, just on a per-paste basis.

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Ctrl+Shift+V (Edit / Paste as Text in the menu) should paste as text. Not sure how robust that is, but that's the way to do it. If that doesn't work satisfactorily, you can always paste into a text editor, then paste that into Evernote.

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