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(Archived) Shared notebooks lose access

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I have one main folder I share with my students (<100 overall) and individual folders that I share one-on-one. About 1 in 10ish students has lost access to a folder at some point since we set up access in January. Some lose it repeatedly, some have lost it once and then are fine. This eats up a LOT of our working time, removing and (re)sharing notebooks. The students get a message that I have revoked the permission, but they still show on the sharing list as having permission.


Any thoughts about what might cause someone to lose access to a shared notebook? And why someone would continue to lose it over and over? I haven't been able to pick up on any relationships between the students other than the fact they are all female (which is a really goofy connection, but it is there). The students are spread out over different classes, using different devices, etc.


And if you don't have ideas about what is causing it, any ideas how to stop it from happening?


Thanks so much!


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Hi - welcome to the forums.  You have an interesting question,  and if you haven't already done so I'd suggest raising a support ticket* (see the link below) as things are a little busy right now and it might be a while before you get a response.  Meantime - I have no idea what could cause random rolling losses of connection sharing.  It could be your hardware,  your network,  or something to do with your students' access to the internet at home or in class.  Do you share from a personal account?  Or is there a 'class account' with which everyone connects?


It would be helpful to know which Evernote client you're using - Windows,  or Mac etc..


* Make sure your support ticket comes from your premium user account whichever one that is..  you'll get quicker service.

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Thanks - I'll be sure to get in a support ticket this afternoon.


As for more information...

The students each have their own free accounts using their school email. I share the class notebook with each student individually. The class notebook is view-only. I also have made separate notebooks for each student and shared with just that specific student. They have rights to modify this notebook, but not share with anyone else. I use desktop/laptop PCs, Android phone and my school iPad to access notes. The students do the same (add in their iPhones, of course). When on a school desktop, they access via the web. All other times, through the app directly.


We have been working primarily on iPads since the problem has come up. One of the students this has happened to did get on a PC to confirm and she got the same error. They have been on different iPads.


That's the real issue - I haven't been able to pick up on what's going on that makes this happen. I know it's got to be something they're all doing the same, even if it's a magic combination of keystrokes or swipes. :)

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Thanks for the extra information - still thinking though.  Given the huge variety of hardware and software employed here it's almost impossible to guess what might be going wrong - and its not beyond the bounds of possibility that one or more of the students has discovered a way to cause mischief and is actively altering settings that should be left alone! 


I'll hope you get some helpful comments from Support - who have the advantage they can (presumably) track permissions and accesses from their end of the service.  Maybe they will see something we can't.


Meantime (if you haven't already thought of it) I'd suggest you allocate one test shared account back to yourself to see whether you at any stage get one of these 'revoked' emails.  If you have any supportive colleagues maybe you could set up a small control group to see if they have the same experience.


Sorry not to have a magic answer - please come back and tell us if/ when you have any news.


(And if anyone else around here has any bright ideas I'm sure you'll get more feedback!)

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