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(Archived) E-mail sent from EVERNOTE isn't arriving at destination addresses. Why?

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Hi - welcome to the forums.  Difficult to pin down email issues,  especially if they're going through a remote server.  Do any emails get to their destination?  Have you tried your own email address?  You mention Evernote accounts - how many are involved here?  Are any working at all?


There could be some congestion in the system linked to the recent excitement when Evernote issued 50M emails (through another company),  so your mails may still make it through - how long is the delay currently?


I'd suggest raising a support ticket since it may take a while to get help as they're a bit busy at the moment - but if you can give us some more background perhaps we can suggest a fix.


(Obviously one temporary work-around is to send copies of your notes through your own local mail client!)

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The EVERNOTE e-mails were sent to my business e-mail addresses. 

The EVERNOTE e-mail worked fine for years up until a day or so ago.

Now I send them and nothing is received. 



Have you tried sending to a gmail address, perhaps setup an account for testing? this should hopefully show it's not broken completely and help troubleshoot further.


If I had to guess, its probably a spam filter issue.

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