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(Archived) Automatic Pasting as Attachment in Outlook 2010 message


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I have upgraded to Evernote 4.6.3 and now when i paste a screenshot into the body of an Outlook 2010 email message, it automatically creates an attachment and pastes as attachement. i don't want this behaviour.


Previously, I would take a screen shot with evernote, right click, copy, and it would paste the screenshot nicely into the message body. i have not changed anything in my Outlook config, it's still HTML. The paste function works fine in MS Word.


Any thooughts? Brad

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I don't know if this is any help, but this is the behaviour I found for moving a picture from an EN note to an outlook message:

  • Drag & drop from EN to outlook -> attachment
  • Copy & paste from EN to outlook -> attachment
  • Drag & drop from Skitch to outlook -> attachment
  • Copy & paste from Skitch to outlook -> message body !!


Therefore, this is what I do to get a picture from an EN note to an outlook message body:

  • Right-click on picture in EN note, select "Markup with Skitch"
  • CTRL-c
  • Click in outlook message body
  • CTRL-v

Obviously, this needs Skitch to be installed  :)

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I was going crazy for a bit, thinking there was some security update pushed out by our Infrastructure team that altered how copy and paste actions worked in Outlook.


This is an extremely unfortunate change, one that makes a lot of what I do day-to-day now very painful.  Thanks for the option of the work-around @penwriter, but this change should be corrected.  At least add an option allowing the option to select how you want things to be copy/pasted into other applications.

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I've been right-clicking the images and choosing "Open with Paint" then control-A, control-C. Then I can finally paste inline into an email the way I've always done before. Annoying work around though.


Evernote please restore the old behavior! Or at least add a clipping preference so we can set it back the way it used to be.


Windows 7 Pro / Outlook 2010 / Evernote Windows Client (268604) Public

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please enable this featuer again, I miss it so much and it is resulting in extrawork slowing me down endless which you try to avoid.


I help myself now as follows:

- win/PrtSc - cut/clip the screen

- mark at EN, ctrl c

- go to word, ctrl. v

- mark it, ctrl c and -

go to outlook msg and ctrl v


WAY to FAR, isnt it...

thanks a lot for fast set back this again

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Ya, I have been doing the cut in paste into Word first, then email as a work around.  It's better than nothing, but still a pain.  Every time a new build comes out lately, I get excited, then I update and am sad again..  PLEASE FIX THIS!!

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Try this:  after you have framed the image you want with the mouse, but before you let go of the left click button, press Ctrl.  This pastes the image to the clipboard (instead of Evernote), and I can now paste this directly into the body of an Outlook 2010 email (with Ctrl-v).


[note: doing the same with Shift will save the png file to your desktop]

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