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(Archived) Change password and unable to synchronize

Diana Wong

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Hi, I changed my pw a few days ago and discover that my evernote in my smartphone was unable to synchronize with my evernote in computer. I need to reset my account info in the phone and the problem gone. By doing so I need to delete all the existing notes in the phone and synchronize all the notes from the computer to phone (which is very time-consuming). Is there another way to solve the problem?

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If you have notes that have been modified on your device, but not synced. You should try to retain them by emailing them to your Evernote email address.


Aside from that, it's probably best to just sign out and do the re-sync. You can, if you're very ambitious, and somewhat technical, find any stored notes on your Android file system, but as to exactly how to deal with them, I couldn't tell you.

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Anyone find an answer to this?


I keep being told my password has expired, and that I need to reset.

I reset on the web, all fine online, but Android does not give me any option to enter the new password, it keeps telling me the password is expired, and I need to change.


I have updated the app on market: did not solve my problem....


Why on earth should I have to sign out, and have to re-sync all my offline data just because the frigging password changed!!!


This is so fundamental and SO annoying.  Wondering why I am a premium user right now...

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