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(Archived) HTC Touch Cruise, problem with connection

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Hi, i used old version of evernote3, for about several monthes, seldom i saw error: can't estabilish internet connection, i download new version of evernote 3 today, and this error happens every time, how could i make it work?

device has GPRS Internet connection, and WiFi internet connection through proxy(previous version didn't work with this too)

Internet Explorer, Google Maps, and other internet app works greate, what i'm doing wrong?

p.s. thx for your greate service! ;-)

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Can you try restarting the phone while you are on WiFi so that Evernote connects with WiFi first (instead of your mobile network)?

If that doesn't work, can you try to go to log in to our mobile web interface from Internet Explorer on the same device?


We use the same networking as IE, so if this works, so should Evernote.

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