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(Archived) Domain based approach to create notebooks


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Hello all, 


I started to use the domain based approach to create my new notebooks. It basically ensure that you have as many nested notebooks as you want and not get restricted by the two level stack. also ensure then consistency comparing to tag system.




it goes like this.


If you think of google domain organization, it starts with the more specific to the general. e.g. news.google.com


news (google news) -> google -> com (commercial)


imagine you can type this in the url bar obama.politics.news.google.com which returns the politics news that is related to Obama from google news website.


from this idea I started to do the same in Evernote but I am always starting with the most general to the least.




notebook 1 name : finance . receipts 

notebook 2 name : finance . bills 

notebook 3 name: finance . banks . statements

notebook 4 name: finance . banks . contacts 

notebook 5 name: education . school  


notebook 6 name: education . university . graduation  

notebook 7 name: education . university . application  





what do you think? am I missing any thing here?






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My basic approach to any system suggestion is "whatever works for you" - if you find this approach easy to follow and it works for you,  then go ahead.. 


I'm not sure what you need in the way of suggestions - you appreciate that you're not 'nesting notebooks' in fact,  just sorting them by title - which is fine.  If you find that limitations start to apply (I think the current maximum number of notebooks is 250) you could get the same result by using your different naming levels as tags rather than notes or notebooks.

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