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(Archived) listing order of notes

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I have an iPhone and use Evernote mostly from the Windows desktop, but also from a thumb drive, the web, and soon will want to enter new notes often from the iPhone. They don't all sort the same way and this causes me some consternation with regard to how to set it up. Any help is greatly appreciated. What I would prefer is to have at least the ability to set symbols across all platforms as the default.

Default Views:

Windows desktop and thumb drive - notes are sorted with symbols (such as the @ symbol) appearing before numbered items, followed by non-numbered items.

web - notes are sorted with numbers first, followed by symbols, followed by non-numbered items

iPhone 1st default screen - notes appear to be sorted by 'most recently changed'

If I can get some uniformity between these platforms, Evernote will quickly take on a new dimension for me.

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The sort order of your notes themselves on the desktop applications is configurable. Both allow you to change the criteria you'd like to sort on, and whether to sort ascending or descending. It sounds like you may have them currently sorted by title, but you can change that to date-based sorting, for example.

On the mobile platform, the limited screen size made us think pretty hard about "what's the most likely thing you want to see first?". We made the decision that you were more likely to want to see a recently edited note than a random old note, so we sort based on edit time. This is configurable in the advanced search filter UI, however.

The full web UI shouldn't be sorting your notes by title ... I think we're doing date-based sorting there as well.

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Any chance of getting some sorting options in the web version?

Most of my notes are work related and done from my PC at work where we aren't allowed to install software so no desktop version available for me there.


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