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(Archived) Warining : Unsupported Formatting


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I recently started getting and error when edittting documents with images in them. When I open and existing note with and image and try editting it I get "this note contains some unsupported formatting" at at the very top. When I click on it for maore information I get "The version of Evernote does not support inline editing of inline attachements. Tap each individual part to edit the content." This strated happening after I wiped my phone and started from scratch.

I originally moved from One Note to Evernote because the editting on the phone was fantastic. Since this change it was been a really PITA (Pain in the A...) The "Insert Text" filed at the bottom only allows for two lines of text in landscape mode. You can keep typing but you can't see the words.

This is a huge step backwards. It would be much appreiciated if someone let me know how I can get this back to the way it was.



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The best thing that you can do is open a support request, if you think that there has been a change in the program's behavior. See the link in my signature.

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