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(Archived) Nook version - How to Update build


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I love having a version of Evernote on my Nook (Android), but I can't seem to update the build.  When I click in Settings on Check for Updates, it finds one, which I can download, but it doesn't update automatically, and if I try to launch the downloaded file directly it gives me an "Install blocked" error (because file not obtained from Nook store).


How am I supposed to install updates?



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I just got out of my 4th chat help (of the day) with Nook and this 4th guy finally told me that Evernote is no longer compatible with my Nook Tablet. Of course this was AFTER I had done an unregister, re-register, etc. Why the 1st person couldn't have told me this instead of having me unregister, I'll never know. Supposedly because Evernote upgraded, now the Nook won't handle it. I finally got him to send it to the techies to see about upgrading the Nook. Of course, this will probably take some time, but the more people go to Nook help chat and complain the fast it will get done. And remember, DON'T unregister your Nook...it WILL NOT help!

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