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(Archived) Help! Document crash!

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Just used evernote, it was working fine, and then suddenly my document I had been working on for 3 hours started breaking up into massive gaps and then crashed. When clicked on it again, it has deleted all my work in the last 3 hours and taken me back to a point I was at yesterday.


Is there ANY WAY of getting this back?


Am never, ever using Evernote again for anything important, which is sad because it was synching between my laptop and ipad etc so well before.


Please help!!! Am desperate!!


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Hi - welcome to the forums,  sorry about your problems.  There was a small crisis (you may have heard) over the weekend which probably has net traffic at Evernote all over the place,  so temporary glitches are certainly possible.  What were you working on your document with?  The laptop?  The iPad?  If you were drafting something in Evernote and it crashed,  there may be a temporary file somewhere,  but it's not likely.  If the note was inadvertently deleted without being synced,  then it is probably gone forever;  but your first task is to have a look on the web version of your account - everything syncs there first, so check to see what you have.  And if you've not logged in there recently to do it,  now would probably be a good time to change your password!

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