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(Archived) Password reset - no email

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I'd like to know why I didn't actually receive an email from evenote regarding the password change.  I had to hear it from someone else and see all of my connected applications emails saying password not working. 

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There are a few similar comments flying around - unless/ until someone comes along to respond officially I cam only suggest that 50 million users is a lot of emails to get out even as a carefully planned mailing.  This wasn't planned or expected,  and the whole thing got put together within hours.  Also I saw in another post that Evernote were actually moving from one mail provider to another and had to scrape together the resource (on a weekend) to pull this off.  The Internet isn't that resilient either - a share of 50M messages will have taxed any mail servers they went through.  So you can take your choice from one or more of -

  • mistake - you were missed off the list
  • mail error - a mail server somewhere ate your email by accident
  • ISP intervention - someone somewhere saw the sudden flood of emails as spam and block deleted them
  • mail client intervention - your email got to one of your spam folders

Email isn't guaranteed delivery at the best of times.  Sorry if that caused you concern.

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