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(Archived) Shortcut for show/hide Evernote


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I need to know if there is a shortcut for show/hide Evernote.


I currently have another notes app, which is minimized by default in my tray bar.


Pressing CTRL+Q bring the app maximized, and CTRL+Q again hide it to tray bar.


There´s a chance to have that same behavior in Evernote? 


Thank you very much, Iamar.


edit: I´m awared of CTRL+ALT+N for new note, but I dont need to create a new note, just see current ones by default.

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Alt+F4 will close down the Evernote UI, leaving a tray icon. I don't know of an Evernote keyboard shortcut that will bring it back, but it shouldn't be too difficult to use a third-party application like AutoHotKey to rig up a global shortcut of your choice to run the Evernote program, which will restore it.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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