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(Archived) Incompatible Update


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Hi. I previously installed Evernote on my Nexus 7 tablet and it worked fine.  About a week ago, I pressed the shortcut to Evernote and it said App Not Installed. I deleted the shortcut and then went to the play store to install Evernote. The app downloads, but the install fails with an 'Incompatible Update' message.   


I deleted the Evernote folder and contents, went to settings and cleaned the cache of the Play Store App, Play services, anything else i could think of, rebooted numerous times to no avail. I tried to download the app from the Amazon app store and tried to side load the app that I backed up and took off of my phone, but the result is the same.


I'm hoping not to need to do a factor reset; does anybody have any suggestions?



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