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(Archived) New to paperless concept

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I'm considering using Evernote more for holding my paper documents, receipts, etc. Technologies and companies come and go. What's the best way to protect against the Cloud being unavailable, or Evernote closing up shop? For complete redundancy, do you keep local copies of the notebooks, or use the Export feature somehow?

Obviously I can hold onto the paper copies of important documents. I'm currently trying to extract info I've stored in another app that required a license, which of course expired a minute before I needed it, and I've been bitten enough by periodic lurches in Apple's scheme. I'm very impressed by Evernote and I mean no offense here, but I'm wary of becoming dependent on another one of these companies.

Appreciate any tips or pointers to existing posts on the topic.

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The export feature can be used to duplicate your notes in a known and documented format. And if Evernote goes out of business, its desktop clients won't automatically stop working.

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Hi and welcome to the forums !


EN would be well suited to do what you want, I think.

Most people use a combination of:

  • scanning their documents into EN and throwing away the original
  • scanning into EN and keeping the original
  • just file the original

What's the best way to protect against the Cloud being unavailable, or Evernote closing up shop?

I have been using EN for several years now and have never found the "Cloud unavailable" to the tone that it threatens my workflow. Sure, updates and new software need to be taken care of, backups made. But in general you will not encounter any "unavailability" other than a few minutes at night and that is also rare.

As for EN closing up that is very unlikely any time soon ("We aim for a 100-year company") but even then, you could export all your notes and have them available to you at any time.


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