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(Archived) Sharing Notebooks and Upgrade Q

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I've recently discovered yet another use for Evernote! I'm now a maid of honor in my friend's wedding and we are both avid Evernote users! I'd like to be able to share a notebook with her of clippings of wedding images/bouquets/etc.

I've created a public notebook, but i'm not sure how to get my friend to get the notebook in her own Evernote account, rather than having to see it via the web link. Can she get that notebook on her Mac? On her iPhone? Can she upload to the notebook? I'm not finding it to be as self-explanatory as I'd like.

Second questions-- i'm using Evernote version 1.2.1 on mac. I'm seeing all this stuff about version 2.2 and 3.0!!! When I hit "upgrade" it says i'm up to date! Is the 2.2/3.0 version for PC or something??

Thanks in advance!!!


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Currently, there's no way for someone else to put one of your published notebooks in her own account like that. She needs to access your public notebook from a desktop web browser unless you're logging on to the same Evernote account.

Yes, the version numbers for Evernote are a bit confusing. On Windows, Evernote has had a desktop application for several years, and the current client software there for the Evernote service continues the old numbering scheme. This means that the version numbers for each of our applications is different. I usually try to keep things straight by saying "Evernote for Windows, version" or something like that, but long-time Windows users may occasionally just say "Evernote 3.0" when they mean "the Evernote service, and the Windows client version 3.0".

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