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REQUEST: Titles below thumbnails on card view (not blocking the image)



As an avid Evernote user, I'd like to suggest one improvement that would help me, as well as other people using Evernote to collate visual inspiration. I use Card View religiously, since most of my notes are images, screengrabs, with one line of copy. When I browse through 1000s of my notes, I don't care to see the titles and two lines of notes I've put in, I look at thumbnails first and foremost. Unfortunately, with every single update since 3.0.7, the card view has been degraded so much that I've rendered it useless. The titles and copy are sitting right on top of my thumbnails, and you can imagine how hard that can be when you're trying to scan through them, and the way I remember my notes is by visual elements, not titles or descriptions.


I'm sure this would be a very small fix on Evernote's end, but a tremendous feature for any visual person if they put the title below the thumbnail (how it was on version 3.0.7). I understand many users use Evernote differently, but I'm just asking for one view out of 4. 


I was fortunate that on my main machine I am using a very old version whose thumbnail view is not obstructed by copy, but on any new computer that I work on, I am stuck with the hideous card view. 


Hope you will consider this in your next release. I'm attaching screengrabs of old vs new version to show the difference. 








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I absolutely agree with mxs.


Right after the update on the mac, which removed thumbnail view and introduced card view about a year ago, some of us started a thread in this forum and requested the lost thumbnail feature to be adequately replaced.  

But the evernote team seems not to care about this user request at all.


In my opinion everybody should immediately understand, for example by looking at your pictures, what this is all about. That there is a need for a thumbnail view, a view concentrated on the picture. 


Most of my notes don't even have a meaningful title. I just want to see a thumbnail view of the pdf or the picture which is in my note. I guess, every photographer would need this. A small title displayed is good, like in the old thumbnail view, but not as big and disturbing as in the new card view.  


By the way: I am still using 3.0.6 on my mac computers and I intend to stay with this version until our request is addressed.

And I am a paying customer and I like evernote a lot. 




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