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(Archived) save pictures, copied text from web to a notebook

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Using my ipad 2, I can't save pictures, copied text, a webpage, or a URL, (Safari) to a notebook. Am I missing something? I am new to ipad and Evernote. I tried using Dolphin, but it only worked at first, but then after that it couldn't open Evernote. I did the password reset update and even uninstalled and reinstalled Evernote on all my devices (ipad 2 and pc laptops, I don't have a smart phone). Everything is updated on my iOS as well. Can anyone help?

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Hi Kathryn,  welcome to the forums.  You chose an exciting time to join the community,  so please bear with everything while the fuss over password changes settles down a little.  There are millions of people out there changing their passwords as we speak,  so the internet might be a bit slower than normal in reacting to things.


If you changed your password because of the recent warnings,  your iPad and laptops are probably not yet all converted to the new password,  so I'd suggest you take a deep breath and start over.

  1. Log into the web page via Evernote.com and go to your account page.  Change your password (again) to something secure.  Log out of the web page.
  2. Check that you have all the latest updates installed on your hardware.  Check to see whether you can log in and sync with each one.
  3. If you have any problems,  shut down the app(s) and restart.  Try logging in again with your new password.
  4. If logging in fails,  exit the app,  restart the machine and try again.
  5. If you're still stuck,  try the chat line support,  or log an email support ticket.

Good luck!

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