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(Archived) Beta 4.5.5 : Error;columns note_guid. tag_guid are not unique (code 19)

Sofia Lee

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synchronization failed 'columns note_guid. tag_guid are not unique (code 19)'

When i try to synchronize, It keep saying 'columns note_guid. tag_guid are not unique (code 19)'.

I get getting this after it says it is downloading headers on the main screen.

Im using Samsung Galaxy Note 2

I will reproduce the error and email the logs from the setting screen to android-preview@evernote.com

and i tried to log out-in but then i will lose my notes those couldn't be synchronized because of the error, so i can't do that.

im so upset with this ;(

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Uninstalling and reinstalling is usually an easy thing to try, with some potential to solve it. It's often the first thing that support requests of a customer.

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Has there been any solution to this problem? It's been a few months!


I have the same issue with my HTC One phone. I have approx 100 notes that are on my phone but not synced to the server. If I uninstall and reinstall, I will lose all of my notes! 

It would be great to hear what other people with this problem have done to solve it. 



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