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(Archived) Help! Evernote password reset email sent to old work email address

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Having a bit of a panic this morning!


After seeing the reports of the security issues regarding the Evernote servers I logged out of my account this morning in order to set up a new password. I entered my username and clicked 'Reset' and had a message stating that a reset email would be sent to me. Unfortunately, it was only after I did that that I remembered my account was set up using my old work email address and I no longer have access to it.


I can still see all of my notes on my Mac and I switched off Wi-Fi on my iPad to check some key Evernote account info. I've also submitted a ticket to Evernote's customer service, but I'm not a Premium member, so am not sure how long I'll have to wait for a reply (I suspect they're somewhat busy at the moment...)


I hope someone can sort this out for me as I use Evernote on a daily basis and I hope I won't end up losing all of the important info in those notes... :(

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Hi - welcome to the forums;  sorry about the situation!  Was a password reset part of the instructions you received?  When I went to Evernote.com in a browser my system attempted the login but got diverted directly to a "change password" screen where I set up my own new password.


As you already seem to have assumed,  you're likely in a bad place at the moment - because the password was reset,  you won't have access to the account to correct the email address or to change the password.  Your iPad won't sync any local information.  Do you have any backup of your account locally?


I'm not sure how sympathetic Support can be - they weren't known to give access to accounts in this sort of situation before the security scare!

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Thanks for the speedy reply!


Yes, I clicked on 'Forgot Password' and was told to enter my username or email address. I entered my username and got the message saying the reset email had been sent to me (i.e. my old work address). There was no option to specify an alternate email address for it to be sent to.


I can see all of my notes on my Mac and clicking on a note (and pressing the Space bar) brings up a partial preview image. Worse case scenario is that I'll be able to get some of the info from there and some from my offline account on my iPad. Obviously it'll be a pain to have to enter all of my notebooks' info into my new Evernote account, so I'm hoping it'll be something I can avoid...

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Unless someone who's more mac-i-fied than I can come up with any useful suggestions,  I'm afraid throwing yourself in the direction of any mercy the Support guys may have is probably your best bet.  In the current situation they may,  as you said,  be a little busy right now...


While you're waiting I'd suggest copying your Evernote data files to a backup and exporting the notebooks you have one by one just in case you have to start again.


If that's successful you could try opening a new account and moving the data across - at least you'll know whether or not it's feasible...


Good luck - search the forums for more on backups and exporting.

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First off, Bulletproof70, I'm not sure which device you were using when you selected the "Forgot Password" option, however, if it wasn't your computer's browser, you might want to try logging in using your browser to see, as gazumped mentioned, if you are presented with the "Change Your Password" option. That is if you still know what your current password is. I've selected the "Forgot Password" option on several of my other internet accounts and was only presented with a link that took me to a page that allowed me to change my password, so technically your password wouldn't be reset until you actually logged onto that page and entered a new one. Not sure if this will work or not, but, it's worth a shot. 

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Brian Woods is correct. Even if you hit the reset password thing, it doesn't actually reset your password, its just creating a new token for the updated login. You're "safe" for now.


  1. From a browser, log into https://www.evernote.com/Login.action with your current username and password
  2. You will be prompted to reset your password.

You should be all set.


Now, if you don't know your password, well, that's a pickle. We can help you in support, though you will need to wait a l'il bit. We're churning through as fast as we can to keep within 1 business day for Premiums (we're open on the weekend to make sure we don't miss that window, even.)


If you don't know your username, you can find that out by looking into your Evernote for Mac settings, or if you are locked out of it, into the library files for it on your computer.

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