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(Archived) Notes created on my phone app not going into default notebook

Mr Fantastic

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Like a lot of people, I have set up a sort of "Evernote In Box" which I have set as my default so I can later look in there for new notes I have added from various sources (my iPad, iPhone or desktop) and then sort them into the appropriate notebooks or give them the correct tags.


I have noticed that often (possibly always) notes made on my phone or ipad go into whatever notebook I was last looking at on my desktop version.


In other words, if I have a shared notebook with a co-worker and that was the last notebook I was looking in (so it is still selected on my computer), and I then make a new note from my phone "make sure to report co-worker embezzling company accounts by $10,000 to the police first thing tomorrow" it appears in the shared notebook that the co-worker has access to! (not my default notebook)


It doesn't even have to be that dramatic.  It could just be a note about something personal that you don't want everyone reading that you make from your phone, and because the last notebook you were looking at on your computer was a shared notebook, your new personal note ends up in there where everyone has access to it.


I know how to set up a default notebook and it is setup properly, so this is not the issue.


I think this is a serious flaw.  I am sure I can't be the only one experiencing this.


Why can't we just make sure unless otherwise stated ALL new notes go into the default notebook?

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You posted this with a Windows tag, but the problem you're having appears to be with the way that the iPad client works. I don't believe that your mobile clients would or even could track the current desktop notebook (for example, what would happen if you had Evernote open on two separate Windows machines, but with different notebooks open?). I am not an iOS user, but on the Android client, creating a new note doesn't seem to have much to do with the current notebook of my desktop (if any, remember, you can also be in a situation where you are not looking at a single notebook; you can be looking at a stack, or all notes, or all business notes, etc.).

I think having a default notebook setting in the mobile client would make sense, perhaps overriding Evernote's default choice (which in the case of Android, appears to follow current notebook choice wherever possible)

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