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(Archived) What is Evernote's stance on 2 factor authentication, post the security mishap?

Sugeeth Krish

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There used to be tons of 2 factor auth request threads with hundreds of posts requesting it to be immediately implemented. None of them are accessible today. Has evernote removed them, so that hundreds of people like me would say , "We told you so..", or have the posts been removed by the hackers?


We all said that we were sitting on a potential tinderbox. Yet, there was no formal response from Evernote on this topic, and worse, I don't even want to comment on the posts by the so called evangelists who justified Evernote's silence on this serious matter, saying that "ooh.. you just need to have a tough password and so on.." 


Now that we have had a breach of security now, and it has been acknowledged by Evernote, we seriously demand to know Evernote's stance on this serious matter. How long can we continue to take on silence? Silence won't help Evernote, any longer, nor will the pseudo Evangelists, cos at the end of the day, the evangelists didn't prevent this mishap from happening, right?.


If 2 factor authentication costs, so be it. Give users a choice to pay more for more enhanced security services, but by not even officially replying, your not giving an option to users who are more concerned about security than costs. I have tons of official and personal data on my account that if compromised can ***** the hell out of my life, and to think that it is just a browser password that seperates all that information being accessed by someone anywhere around the world gives me jitters. I am sure that it applies to millions of people who use Evernote { and not to the bunch of jokers who would reply saying that if information is that valuable, it shouldnt be on Evernote. I won't be surprised, We've got worse responses than this.}


There are other serious security concerns as well. Yesterday, i was made to reset the password on IOS and web browser. But when i clicked on Android, it continued to sync, ( Shouldn't it have stopped me from loggin in and say that my password need to be reset? )


Evernote, I love you very much. Your the best app and along with Hello, Penultimate and Skitch and your ubiquitous availablity, you have positively transformed my life in a very strong manner. You have been awesome, and i promise to remain a premium customer to you, for a 100 years if i live that long, but i value the security of my data even more, and your silence is clearly not helping.. 

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You may believe that 2FA will give you better protection, or have helped out with the security breach (since I'm not an expert, I cannot comment), But the posts requesting 2FA are still on the site in plain view; for example: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/13610-feature-request-two-factor-authentication/. They are not censored, so please stop engaging in midless paranoia.

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Sorry to burst your conspiracy theory bubble, but they were merged into one thread. 

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