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(Archived) Evernote password reset 3-2-13



From reading one of the other (now locked) discussions, I learned why Evernote needed to have everyone reset their passwords (security breach) - and that's completely understandable, and of course, the necessary response. However, there was no mention of the reason, no email or anything to indicate why this was taking place. Granted, it only took a few minutes to find out, but there are clearly still some issues - nearly constant crashing of the app, inability to sync, etc. - and no doubt the folks at Evernote are in a frenzy to get things under control, but some simple, clear communication would be most welcome. I also think it's essential to maintaining Evernote's well-deserved stellar reputation that their ability to communicate is on a par with the excellence of their product(s). We'll certainly give it some time to get sorted out, but please Evernote, take this to heart - it will serve the company well to keep the relationship strong with your users.

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