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(Archived) Password Reset Discussion Thread

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Hi there,


It's been nearly two months since this breach was discovered. Could anyone from Evernote give us an update as to where things stand with security improvements? How far off is 2-factor authentication?


Thank you.

Hi. I am not from Evernote, but the CEO (Phil Libin) is, and he says it is a few weeks away (in May).



Reading the headline in that story... I get that in this business you innovate or die, but as a several year user I'd like to see the following before messing around with smart paper and hardware:


1) Get the security thing in order. (Who knows, if Evernote hadn't been putting resources on smart paper or whatever it is called, the security improvements might have been in place sooner, rather than the "playing defense" on security that the CEO says they don't do.)


2) Fully polish the existing core Evernote app on iOS and Android.  There are still rough edges.

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My question is what do you intend to do about it?

I've converted this request to a ticket and you should receive a notice from support, including a ticket ID. They'll likely need some additional information from you so they can begin the validation process on your wife's account.

For anyone else, we do have "Guest" access on the Evernote Support page--and can be used if you do not have access to your Evernote account, or if you have questions on the service without being a current user. As usual, it's best that you're logged in when you submit, simply because it gives us useful information that helps us further with your support case (and lets us know you're Premium).

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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