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(Archived) Clipping discontinuous text snippets to a single note



I would like to find a better way to clip discontinuous strings of text from web articles to a single note in Evernote -- one note contains all text clippings from the article rather than a single note for each that later need to be merged.  I want this to help summarize articles.


Ideally, I'd like to invoke a keyboard shortcut to copy selected text and paste it to the bottom of an open note in Evernote in a single step and without interrupting my reading.


Does a tool to do this already exist?


Is there a publicly available Applescript that does this?



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Not sure how those scripts help the originalposter's question: they seem to be about summarizing the content of each open tab in your browser. I think that the original poster wants to multi-select text from a single article, and have them wind up in Evernote as a single note.

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tell application "Evernote"    set theNote to item 1 of (get selection)    tell application "System Events" to keystroke "C" using command down    try        get text of (the clipboard)        append theNote text result & (return)    end tryend tell 

To make a keyboard shortcut, this can be put into an Automator service as a run shell script command and assigned a keyboard shortcut, or alternately it could be triggered by FastScripts, Keyboard Maestro, or whatever similar utility you prefer.

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