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(Archived) Security on the android side?


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I have evernote installed on Win 7, Android and Mac


I have few security concerns about the android side.


1. Does it store data locally on the android phone or just uses it from the cloud?

2. Regardless it's stores it permanently or just temporally for the current viewing, how does it handle encrypted notes? Does it store them encrypted on the android also and where?

I'm asking because I found an issue with storing encrypted data in plain text in the exb.snippet file on windows.

3. I assume not just the authentication but all the data flow is over https?



Thank you! :)

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Data can be stored locally on the Android phone:

* Headers (and possibly other metadata) are downloaded for all notes

* Note content for viewed/edited notes can be cached locally under normal usage, for an indeterminate amount of time

* Note content for notes in offline notebooks (a premium feature) are guaranteed to be cached on your device after a full sync.


Not sure about the encryption thing: I am guessing that encrypted content is stored as encrypted on notes stored on the Android, just as it is for notes exported to Evernote format (.enex files)


I believe that all data flow is over https: but am not %100 sure about that.

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