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(Archived) Basic text editing capabilities?


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I am a new EverNote user, and signed-up for premium. I'm trying it out as a possible replacement for OneNote. A few very basic problem are frustrating me at the moment:


1. The text editor in Windows is not a common control, so none of the usual keyboard and mouse shortcuts work (ugh). Eg: ctrl+shift+> to increase font size, ctrl+mouse wheel to zoom in. Any chance these will be added soon? I'm sure there's a good reason not to use the common control, but if you're going to reinvent the wheel, please make it round! Right now this is, at best, a hexagon.

2. I commonly past images into my notes. Right now, they can inserted, and there seem to be no way to change their size. The consequence is that I've got HUGE images and tiny text. How do I change the size of the image?

3. How do I move images around in the notes?

4. How do I ink in the notes? I've got my Wacom tablet plugged-in and ready to go, mark up notes - but there's no drawing option in this darn hexagon of a wheel text editor.

5. how do I zoom? I'm viewing my notes sometimes on a 2560x1600 desktop computer, and sometimes on an iPad mini. There is no font size that will make the notes look right on both. Normally, I just ctrl+mouse wheel to zoom the content, but that doesn't work here. How do I zoom in? I've got itsy-bitsy text that I can't really read, but also can't make larger because it'll look terrible on my Mini.


I'm really excited at the idea of EverNote - basically, it promises to do what OneNote almost but not quite does (because I can't edit the notes in iOS, only view them). But if the experience on Windows is to remain so primitive, it's not worth the trade-off.


I hope you can help!



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Evernote, is not, at is core, a note taking application. It's a platform for storing, searching and retrieving data. The text editing capabilities are kind of an add on. Keep in mind that Evernote information needs to be compatible with a large number of platforms. Also, as I understand it, building a text editor that works with Evernote's file format is non-trivial. However, others more knowledgeable can weigh in on that. 

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Thank you MegSaint: I get that they're trying to implement Bill Gates' vision better than his own company. And, indeed, that's exactly my use case. I am trying to store information for later retrieval. I just so happen to need to be able to zoom in so I can read the text, make fonts bigger, etc. I'm not looking for a word processor - just some very basic editing. The common control in WinForms would do the trick (and can indeed produce HTML-encoded text, to your compatibility point).

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