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(Archived) Upload 'copy' of original file ony please

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When uploading images/files from my mobile using the 'Upload File' option, is it possible to upload a copy of an existing file, so as to retain the original file on my device? at the moment, the original file is removed from my device after uploading. (Uploaded images are being downsized slightly and so I want to retain a copy of the original, higher res file).


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There's currently no way to keep the original on the device, but thanks for the suggestion.

We actually preserve your full original photo in exactly the resolution (and bits) that you took it, but our clients will scale this down to a smaller size for display. The desktop apps scale it to the width of the window (if larger), and the web app will scale it to fit in a web browser. If you make the desktop window bigger, or if you click on the picture on the web UI, you'll see more detail. Right-click and save from the desktop app to get your original image file back.

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