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Power Uses of Evernote and Dropbox for Real Estate

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We wrote a short blog post about how to use Evernote (and Dropbox) for real estate transactions. The post also includes a few note templates for managing transactions, to-do check list and similar.




In short:


Regarding Dropbox, you can think that Dropbox is more like the floor-to-ceiling stack of (neatly organized) filing cabinets in your office, while Evernote as sticky notes posted all over your desk.


The back office probably uses (or should use) Dropbox for simple sharing of final documents, photos, files, and other important data. Dropbox has better sharing than Evernote for office work, and the simplicity of a “drag-and-drop” file system makes it much more sufficient for office workers with a heavy workload. 





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Thanks for sharing, Senad.

Does anyone have experience using Evernote to underwrite different real estate options?
I've use GoogleDrive's spreadsheet whenever I'm going to rent a place.


Since evernote geotags notes and takes photos, I think it would be pretty cool to use for underwriting.  But GoogleDrive's spreadsheet is better to compare multiple locations with datasets, especially when sharing with collaborators or other investors.


I'd love to hear thoughts from someone using evernote as a way to compare different investment opportunities.



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