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Feature Request: Editing Evernote Metadata in Skitch

Greg Miller


I'd like to be able to edit certain Evernote metadata from within Skitch. As it stands, if I need to change the title, tags or folder that a Skitch file that is sync'd with Evernote, I need to save it and then jump over to Evernote and change this information. Being able to change basic data about the note from within Skitch would cut out the jump to Evernote.



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@Greg - This is on our roadmap to fix. We're looking at how we can expose more meta data for our notes and make it easy to manage with them.


You can do some of what your asking about today, though your mileage varies by client:

  • Mac - Clicking on the name in the upper left of of the canvas view for a Note (when you're marking it up) will let you change the Note name.
  • iOS - Touching the "i" will let you edit the Note name and move Notebooks.
  • Android - There are two ways to do it:
    • For a new note tap the 3 dots in the upper right and select "Note Info".
    • For an existing note, while in the Library long press on the Note and a list of options will appear allowing you to change tags and move the note. 
  • Skitch Touch - Click on the "i" in the lower right and you can change Title and Notebook.
  • Windows Desktop - You have to change these values from Evernote right now. 


[EDITED] A big doh! on my part thanks to Scott. 

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