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(Archived) Can't get change notebook name & search handwritten text to work for me?


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I'm beginning to use penultimate more and more instead of paper. With à Jot Pro i'm achieving great results but There are two functions that doesn't seem to work with me.

I am not able to change the name of a notebook. I've tried various options according to the Penultimate manual on the evernote website,but I can't seem to get a result to change name of the notebook. I can highlight the notebook but I can't seem to change the name of it. I do can delete the notebook. It should be as simple as just tap and hold a note book until it highlights and you can edit the name not?

Second question is that I can't seem to get any result of searching handwritten text.

I'm Dutch does the language matter? Or doe it plain simple searche a string of numbers&letters? In English it's not working either for me. I'm a premium member. What kind of writing is best? Separate letters or not?

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I am also having a problem getting search to recognize handwritten text. I printed a word neatly several times on different pages and then searched for it and 0 results were found. Finally I wrote the same word in script and it was found. I am writing in English. This is one of the key features of Penultimate and it would be awesome if it worked effectively.

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I love Penultimate but originally thought that I could transfer the handwritten notes to typed notes through some type of OCR recognition. However, I do not see anywhere that I can do that, any thoughts? Appreciate the response folks.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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